Why outsource coaching to a third party?

This platform can play a key role in helping a company to maximise the potential of digitalisation for its HR activities.
There are a number of other reasons for outsourcing a company’s coaching organisation to a third party. The main reason behind this are the associated cost and time savings for the company. This is complemented by the provider’s expertise in terms of a modern coaching model and, above all, when it comes to selecting the right coaches for outsourcing the organisation of coaching. Yet another crucial aspect is that by outsourcing a company’s coaching organisation to a third party, this will ensure discretion as no-one at the company needs to know if and when a manager is using coaching services.

Why use a digital platform to organise coaching?

We can safely assume that anything which can be digitalised will in fact be digitalised over the coming years. This also extends to HR activities and, in particular, personnel development work. The main point here is that it shifts the burden of responsibility, in this case meaning that every manager is responsible for fostering their own personal development. This is a key step towards a future that relies heavily on managers’ self-responsibility.

Who takes the decision in favour of this step?

At most companies, HR generally reports directly to the CEO or Managing Director. It is therefore up to that person to decide whether to outsource their company’s coaching organisation to a third party. Ideally, personnel development activities will be included in such a change process.

How is the coaching model developed?

First, a shortlist of managers will be drawn up. Second, interviews will be conducted with a representative group of managers on the shortlist, who are potential coaching users. The results of the interview and the company’s main goals set out in its strategy will be used as a basis for developing a coaching guide which can be used as a company development tool.

How much will all this cost?

The cost depends on the scope of the process you intend to outsource. Either way, it will definitely cost less to task an employee with such duties.