Develop the right coaching concept

A coaching concept is the cornerstone when it comes to building up a certain understanding of coaching at your company. It defines the framework for hiring coaches, and represents the starting point for ensuring that coaching at your company is both effective and successful.

Coaching concepts targeting individual performance issues are a thing of the past as they only ever attract coaches who can tackle those specific problems, in turn leading to a lack of acceptance at C-level and the immediate level below.

Self-optimisation tackles immediate issues – Coaching empowers you for the future.

To develop a suitable coaching concept for your company, we’ll arrange an initial briefing where you, the decision-maker, provide us with background information along with anything else you consider essential to achieve success. We ask the questions – you supply the information.

Once a coaching concept has been prepared, we’ll then put forward a suggestion as to how you can implement it at your company. To this end, we’ll provide you with a prototype covering, e.g. coaching at C-level. Once you’ve approved the prototype, we can go ahead and adapt it for other user groups.